The whole architectural complex was designed by Paolo Desideri and his associates of the study ABDR. In this first step of this work was completed and delivered to the city of Florence from 1800 seater auditorium characterized by great flexibility of use. This room is mainly dedicated to music concerts, the stage can accommodate up to 115 musicians and 100 singers, as well as be easily adapted for the theater. the stage may in fact assume, a configuration of a traditional type with respect to the position of the stalls or a central location, of the type Global Theatre, for the experimental representations. The audience only 'side of the stage and allow fast through scenotecnici apparatus to vary the capacity of the room from 1100 to 500 spectators, returning to the Foundation in May Fiorentino an instrument able to articulate the best theater optimizing the management proposals. The liners are made ​​in the best tradition of concerts, and special wooden tents capable of optimizing the acoustic 'sound for each different configuration and use of the hall.