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Our commitment to theatre: a story born of love and transformed into a project.

TMA's origins through our projects

A story of passion, which began 40 years ago, right inside a theatre.

The first time we were asked to work for a theatre, 40 years ago, we had no idea how much this enchanting world would engage, stimulate, and enrich us, revolutionising the way we feel and design.

Project after project, we have come to think of the theatre as a perfect box that encloses within itself, shaping it, the infinite enchantment of performing: a true, living performance, made up of people, sounds, lights, and colours, that mingle in masterful harmony and arouse intense feelings. And we are there to ensure that this enchantment is enjoyed to the utmost.

After 40 years we still have the same passion and enthusiasm. Every venue that we furnish and embellish with our seats, as well as with soundproofing panels and custom-made furnishings, becomes something new and unique itself. Experience is our reward. It is our enthusiasm for new challenges that drives us on, as we approach even highly complex projects, each time with renewed passion.

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The emotions are strong

Part of the enchanted world of art and culture.

What we feel as participants — and not just spectators in the rich, enchanting world of performing arts — is what enables us to rise to new challenges, opening ourselves with ever-renewed skills to the requirements of contemporary design.

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