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CLASSICAL THEATRE - Cucinelli Theater, Solomeo

Cucinelli Theater

Cucinelli-Solomeo Theater: inside the "Forum of the Arts"

Entertainment is art

Cucinelli Theatre; a modern and versatile structure, visually inspired by the Renaissance style has been fully outfitted with seating from TMA. The theater, commissioned by and named after Brunello Cucinelli – the recognized fashion entrepreneur who sponsored its construction inside the castle of Solomeo, upgrading the entire village. Fascinated by classical theaters, Cucinelli decided that inspiration for his theater should be taken from the structure of the Farnese theaters in Sabbioneta and Parma. Cucinelli’s theater is incorporated into what the entrepreneur himself identified as the “Forum of the Arts.” An open space that harkens back to its ancient function and consists of an amphitheater, the Philosopher’s Garden and the Neo-Humanist Academy, as well as the Cucinelli Theater.

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Classic meets contemporary

The interior of the Brunello Cucinelli theater

The exterior is made of rows of local stone, and the roof is composed of shingles and tile.

In addition, the tall trusses are made of oak, and the seating in the theater and stage feature light, natural tones.

A theater reminiscent of the classical but well integrated with more modern and contemporary elements. The theater’s acoustics have been optimized through the use of soundproofing materials, and the entire structure is designed to adapt to different stage requirements. The building seats 240 people. The stage is 40 feet wide and 26 feet deep, and the proscenium is 23 feet.

Since its 2008 opening, the Cucinelli Theatre is now an active participant within the theatrical world, on a par with major theaters, and its programming is always active and thriving.

Sedute per Teatri Moderni - Teatro Cucinelli

Alla Scala seat

A project that requires a major armchair

For the Brunello Cucinelli Theater, it was impossible not to choose an elegant theater armchair, such as that of the Alla Scala line. Rounded and soft silhouette to enjoy the show to the fullest.

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