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AUDITORIUM - Udine, Italy

Auditorium Dacia Arena

Dacia Arena Auditorium: the heart of excellence in Udine

The conference center of Udinese Calcio

The Dacia Arena Auditorium, a jewel of Udinese Calcio, provides a versatile and technologically advanced environment. With a seating capacity of 274 seats crafted by TMA Italia, it is equipped with double projection on a white wall, cutting-edge audio and lighting systems, a panel table, and an interpretation booth.

The Mit Conferenza seat carefully furnish the Dacia Arena Auditorium, characterized by a vertical development and a significant slope. The stadium’s architecture has been maximized, allowing for the creation of an ideal auditorium for conferences and interviews. The sloped layout optimizes visibility and the experience for every participant.

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Dacia Arena Auditorium: the evolution of the stadium

The Friuli Stadium, envisioned by the former mayor of Udine, Angelo Candolini, was primarily constructed on a hillside to minimize environmental impact. Inaugurated in 1976 as the Rizzi Stadium, it was initially incomplete and underwent several development phases in the 1980s. In 2012, the project for the new Friuli Stadium was introduced, completed in 2016 with the moniker Dacia Arena. Its full opening in 2016 sparked controversies among fans, but the new stadium offers a seating capacity of 25,132, all covered and numbered, with ongoing enhancements. This facility was a pioneer in Italy in adopting the innovative VAR system, known as the “hawk-eye,” which, with its advanced technology, eliminates doubts about ghost goals during matches.

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Order and precision in seating too

TMA’s Mit Conferenza chair is designed to provide customization in its finishes, adapting to various design needs. The Mit Conferenza line offers a wide range of coverings: from technical fabrics to leather to velvets, everything is carefully crafted to make it comfortable and functional.

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