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Chamber of Commerce

A meeting place for culture and business

Auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Varese: a packed calendar of opportunities and events.

The Auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Varese is a captivating and multifunctional venue located in the vibrant heart of the city. The Chamber of Commerce building, constructed between 1927 and 1928, stands out for its modern and refined architecture, making it a true architectural gem. Its auditorium, recently renovated by TMA with the installation of dark-toned seats contrasting with the rest of the design, accommodates up to 400 seats.

The Auditorium serves as a focal point for education and information in the economic and entrepreneurial fields. The Chamber of Commerce organizes a diverse calendar of events, courses, and seminars aimed at businesses, professionals, and citizens. The objective is to promote business culture, foster economic development in the region, and provide useful tools for professional growth.

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An Invitation to Discover the Heart of the City

In addition to its architectural beauty and functionality, the Auditorium offers a splendid view in the vibrant heart of the city. Its strategic location, just steps away from the historic center and the train station, makes it easily accessible. The spacious foyer, tastefully and modestly furnished, is the ideal place to relax and converse before or after an event.

Dafne seat

Auditorium and multipurpose room seating

Clean lines and sharp geometries define the chair that dresses the Varese auditorium in black.

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